Why Don’t Prospective Customers Trust Us?

We have all had some really good meetings with prospective customers on the first appointment or sales call. Everything sounded great, we got good feedback from the prospect, and we walked out wondering where we were going to spend our commissions.

But in the end, this prospect never returned our calls and the sale disappeared. What happened?

Maybe these prospects were not qualified or decided that they did not want to go with a new vendor after all. This is certainly plausible. I happen to think when this happens the prospect did not trust us. Why is this?

We know we are trustworthy, we know we are excited about our product or services, and we know we could have benefited this prospect by doing business together. While we where sitting back talking a mile a minute thinking this person was ready, they had it in their head they were not going to be doing business with us all along. See, most salespeople out there are not trustworthy. We ended up being thrown in a pile with other untrustworthy salespeople, whether we deserve it or not. Can you blame these prospects, chances are they have been burnt from a salesperson in the past.

What we all need to remember is the following. Even though we consider ourselves trustworthy and great people to do business with, we cannot assume our prospects feel this way about us. After all, they just met us, right? Take the time to show third-party proof to take this trust issue off of the table. In the end, we will all end up with more sales by taking the time to build our credibility before jumping right into proposals with prospects that don’t trust us.

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