Is it OK to Give Up on a Prospect?

As most of you know, I am a big fan of Karl Goldfield’s Sales Blog. He recently started a TV Show, also. His first episode was great, and I enjoyed being a part of it. While Karl is a sales mentor for start-up entrepreneurs, his ideas certainly can be implemented by salespeople, too.

In his first TV show, someone asked the question, “Is it ok to give up on prospect?” Karl’s response was that as soon as productive a business conversation doesn’t take place, it is time to move on. I agree completely with his assessment.

Sure, when calling on a prospect for the first time or two, there will be some awkwardness and push back. However, repeatedly calling a prospect that gives you the cold shoulder over and over is nothing but a fruitless pursuit.

Self respect, in my opinion, is always more important than any sale. When we lose self respect from repeatedly calling on prospects that show no interest or won’t engage in a business conversation, we ultimately damage our outlook on becoming successful. If you move onto the folks that show genuine interest, you will no doubt improve your sales numbers at a much higher pace.

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