Don’t Put the Future of Your Success in the Hands of Others

There is certainly a lot to be proud of as Americans when President-Elect Obama becomes sworn in as President. The positive symbolism of today is so thick you can cut it with a knife. That being said, I want to remind everyone to stay grounded in reality when it comes to your own success.

All sides can argue that having a certain politician in office can help you more economically than another, and that it is a fair assessment. However, it is foolish to put the future of your own success in the hands of others. No President, now or ever, has the power to bring or stop success coming to your life by your actions. Always remember that your success is determined by what you do, and is ultimately determined very little by the political leadership in charge.

Enjoy the moment and the day, as the peaceful transition of power is always a proud moment. When you wake up on the 21st of January, however, make sure you don’t fall prey to putting the future of your success in the hands of others. And never fool yourself into believing that your success is determined by who is in charge of the country.

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